Fiber terminals

FTB max for mass deployment in residential units - terminates 168 fibers in a compact design.

Easy wall mounting and access protection are essential, with the fiber termination box (FTB) Max, the installation effort has been significantly reduced. This well considered solution provides a long service life and maximum investment protection. The FTB Max is able to fit into different FTTH topologies and due to its flexibility can accommodate splitter, patch and splice options. It terminates 168 fibers in a compact design, 24 fibers are spliced directly in the basis, the remainder in cassettes. Alternatively, the MAX can be used as a pure splice distribution box.

    • 168x crimp splice holder
    • 4x holder for PLC-splitter
    • 2x 12 couplings in fold-out holder (48x LC)
    • 4x flexible, divisible sealing sets for 2 – 10 mm Ø
    • Snapping and removable cover

      FTB Speed - the fiber termination box for multi-dwelling units.

      With its innovative fiber management and sealing concept, the fiber termination box (FTB) Speed offers the greatest number of application options. Installation effort is significantly reduced and this thought-out solution offers a long service life and maximum investment protection. The FTB Speed can fit into different FTTH topologies and due to its flexibility can accommodate splitter, patch and splice options.

      • 12x splice tray
      • 1x holder PLC-splitter
      • 6x couplings in fold-out tray (12x LC)  
      • Divisible sealing sets for 2 – Ø 10 mm
      • Snapping and removable cover

      FTTH box APL - highly flexible terminal boxes. Appealing design, extremely robust and open access.

      The modern fiber optic network requires highly flexible terminal boxes. FTTH box APL meets all requirements with its appealing design, extreme robustness and unrestricted access. The box is designed for taking up pre-assembled fibers or splices deposited in the management tray.

      • 12x splice tray  
      • Optimized for pre-assembled fibers  
      • 3x couplings, plan and set back position (6x LC)
      • Space for micro-gas-stop on pipe
      • Metal installation plate on wall or outlet

      Click50 - Modular wall outlet suitable for cable TV and FTTx deployments.

      Truck rolls are one of the most expensive operational costs that cable operators have to deal with, why not future-proof your network? The Technetix Click50 isn’t just a platform to make upgrading premises to FTTH easier, our platform is compatible with 3rd party 50x25mm modules too, so customers are free to add AV, network and other telecoms ports for both home and businesses.

      Technetix’ Click50 is a premise outlet solution designed for the DOCSIS 3.1 (2 GHz) market. The system is designed with migrating networks in mind, to reduce installer time and reduce truck rolls.

      The modular solution can be configured with upgradable components to support migrating networks from HFC to PON. It is entirely future-proof, is simple to install, easy to upgrade and can operate in RF and optical networks simultaneously.

        • Allows easy migration from coax to full fiber networks
        • Available with a wide range of accessories
        • Reduce your truck rolls

        F-ETB/F-ITB - Hybrid fiber termination box for RF and FTTx deployments.

        With an ever-expanding network and data usage rising exponentially, the F-ETB and F-ITB is the perfect solution for your FTTx network. Easy-to-install with a variety of configurations for both outdoor and indoor usage, both boxes provide a secure platform for your HFC equipment.

        The F-ETB and F-ITB is designed to meet the needs of evolving network architectures by providing functionality for electrical, hybrid and full FTTH networks. The F-ETB grows with the network, reducing installer time and material costs by incorporating modular components that enables the box to grow with the network. The ETB and ITB base has multiple fixing wall points with rear knockouts for cable entry/exit. Once fixed, the process is fully toolless, allowing quick and easy installation and network maintenance.

          • Multi-layer panel setup allows for safe fiber-storage
          • Flexible connector and splice storage

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